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Archiva.Analytics is an outsourced service offered by Archiva, developed on the Qlik Sense platform and integrated in the Requiro.HUB portal for the analysis and monitoring of receivable and payable invoicing processes and the documents involved; moreover, thanks to the additional module Tax Box Checker, it allows users to check their tax box to be sure not to lose any invoice.

Late Archiva, il servizio per la dematerializzazione documentale


Archiva.Analytics allows control over the documents managed by Archiva via a dashboard, providing an immediate view of the status of invoices at an aggregated level, indicating which and how many documents are selected in a given period of time.

Late Archiva, il servizio per la dematerializzazione dei documenti


Archiva.Analytics allows a reduction in costs related to the management of analysis data as it starts from an aggregation of documents already existing on Archiva portals. The service also provides an overview for an accurate analysis that saves on unnecessary costs.

Late Archiva, il servizio per la dematerializzazione documentale


Archiva.Analytics is fully integrated with Archiva services, allowing seamless integration of analysis data, with no need for manual input, being available directly from Requiro.HUB.

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Thanks to Archiva.Analytics you can:

Analyse and monitor the invoicing processes implemented by Archiva

Through reports created by the service, which provide an overview.

Increase productivity: a single platform on which users operate

Through integration of the Analytics tab with Requiro.HUB.

Analyse and monitor the content of the documents involved in the processes

Through reports highlighting the type of documents and their involvement.

Reduce the complexity of the infrastructure and corresponding risks

By adopting a single infrastructure dedicated to the e-Invoicing process.

Manage a single infrastructure for analysing your business processes

Through the use of a single user allowing access to the different stages of the process.

Control your processes with an aggregated and integrated view

By analysing the processes and documents provided by the Archiva platform.


Tax Box Checker

Tax Box Checker (Qadratore Cassetto Fiscale) is an add-on module of Archiva.Analytics that allows the customer to compare the electronic payables invoices in the Tax Box of the Italian Revenue Agency with those in Requiro.HUB and the subsequent reconciliation between the document management system and the Tax Box.


Certainty of correspondence of registered invoices on the Taxpayer’s Box and Requiro.HUB, reducing the risk of an invoice not being recorded.

Reduced time spent on time consuming activities, thanks to the automation of the activity of verifying the correspondence of the invoices on the Tax Box.

Total control of the content on the tax box, thanks to advanced reporting based on the QlikSense application, Business Intelligence platform.

Archiva has designed the Tax Box Module in perfect combination with Archiva.Analytics.

For this reason a special offer is reserved for the package.

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