Archiva to support Basi La Shule And Biriky Ni Rano

Archiva together with Voci E Volti to support Basi La Shule and Biriky Ni Rano projects

This year, after the conclusion of the Mamba project, Archiva together with the Onlus Voci e Volti of Verona, decided to support two other projects: Biriky Ny Rano and Basi La Shule.

Biriky Ny Rano

The Biriky Ny Rano… un mattoncino d’acqua (Biriky Ny Rano… a small brick of water) project originates from the Congregation of the Priests of St. John the Baptist Precursor of Madonna di Campagna (VR), which together with Voci e Volti decided to take action by creating this project.

There are a number of villages in Madagascar that have not had access to drinking water for several years. The nearest point where you can find water is about 50 km away.

For this reason, Archiva has decided to intervene and help in the construction of 12 water wells in 12 different villages in the area of Beloha, a small town located in the South of Madagascar in the province of Taliara. The wells are already under construction and the project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The aim is to ensure that all inhabitants have access to clean water to improve their health and reduce diseases such as malnutrition and diarrhoea.

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Basi La Shule

The second project that Archiva is supporting together with the non-profit organisation Voci e Volti is Basi La Shule… Un Pulmino Per La Scuola! (Basi La Shule… A Minibus For The School Run!)

In this case, it is the children from the Sole di Speranza Village in northern Tanzania who have to walk about 30 minutes on a dirt road to reach the primary school.  In addition to the considerable distance, the children often arrive at school dirty and with their uniforms covered in mud due to the adverse conditions in northern Tanzania.

To overcome this situation, the Onlus, together with the precious help of Archiva, has decided to provide a minibus to take the 350 children to school every morning in comfort and safety.

The aim is therefore to enable children to travel safely through the use of transport suitable for the road and weather conditions, ensuring that they have a solid foundation for their growth.

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