Evento Restart

Restart, digitalisation and change: what have we talked about?

On Tuesday 6th July 2021, the local TV station Telenuovo aired a broadcasting report on the Event “RESTART: Digitalisation & Mindset, Understanding and facing a world that has changed“, held on 2nd July 2021 at the Gran Guardia Palace in Verona.

Digitisation embraces a mindset of change, which is as much a necessity for the present as for the future.

Have we really understood digital tools? Do we know how to integrate them into business processes, and how to make them accepted by our employees? Do we have a sense of what technological, economic, governmental and legal institutions are designing for our future?

To understand in order to know, to know in order to be players in an inevitable and circular change.

In a word… RESTART.

These questions were answered by a number of speakers, including Carla Masperi (COO SAP Italy/Greece), Sebastiano Barisoni (Deputy Executive Director Radio 24), Raffaele Boscaini (President Confindustria Verona) and Prof. Benedetto Santacroce (considered to be one of the leading experts on rules and taxes in Italy), who spoke to Telenuovo about the Recovery Fund:

“The national plan basically aims to recreate a digital environment in which citizens and businesses will then have to interact. For businesses, the opportunities arise from the restructuring plans, because the digital environment in which the public administration will operate will offer great speed in communication and connection. This will be an opportunity to invest in the digitisation of processes.”

Giuliano Marone, CEO of Archiva Group, also took to the microphones of Telenuovo to emphasise that in order to face a world that has changed, it is not only necessary to digitise a company’s data, but first it is important to optimise its processes.

The pandemic has accelerated a transition that was already mandatory to face the future. If you want to survive, you have to deal with the key words that the Restart event highlighted: optimisation of resources and change.