Transfers within the EU


Smart.Track is the Archiva service for digitising the process of document management relating to the supply of goods or services within the European Union and minimising the risk of disputes by the tax authorities on the non-taxability of the transaction in the territory of departure.




Integrated management of the entire logistics and document management process.

Risparmio Tempo

Time saving

No time-consuming activities thanks to the elimination of paper and digitisation of documents.



The registration process complies with all laws and regulations.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Matching of customs and transport documents.
  • Integrated document process management for logistics and transport.
  • Data security and regulatory compliance.

Thanks to Smart.Track you can:

  • Create and monitor paperwork for proper customs compliance.
  • Access the platform via the web.
  • Digitally sign transport documents.
  • Automatically generate the transferor/transferee declaration.
  • Automatically generate the Archiva certificate.

Would you like to improve the management of practices regarding transfers within the EU?