Expense Report Management

We have developed a complete and modular solution for the digital management of expense reports, the approval and control process.
The solution consists of four modules, integrated into a single platform:


Captio: cloud-based app for filling out expense reports


Reconciliation of electronic invoices


Reconciliation between expense reports and credit card movements


Conservation in compliance with standards

What are the challenges companies regularly face?

  • High risk of data entry errors
  • High probability of loss of paper receipts
  • Excessive time dedicated to internal control of company policies by administration
  • Excessive time dedicated to the reconciliation of invoices with expense reports
  • Large amount of time dedicated to the reconciliation of credit card movements with expense notes
  • High risk of fraud and misconduct on the part of business traveler.
  • High costs incurred for storing paper documents
  • Difficulties in complying with regulations for the correct dematerialization of expense reports

The process of managing expense reports with Archiva is thus simplified:

Schema Expense Report Management

The archiva solution allows you to

Increase process efficiency

Thanks to the application that enables travel planning, authorization and booking, as well as reporting, monitoring, reconciliation and expense accounting, in a single digital flow.

Increase control over expense accounts

By implementing a transparent and monitored digital process in line with company policies.

Reduce the delivery time and management of expense reports

By allowing the business traveler to load the expense reports and share them directly with the company.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Using Archiva’s standard-compliant digital storage service, which guarantees the certified online display of computer documents and analogue documents in compliance with all DigitPA legal and regulatory provisions.

Boost productivity

Through the elimination of manual activities involving the management of business expenses.

Rliminate the risk of errors and loss of information

With automatic application scanning that eliminates the manual data entry process.

What are the advantages for the customer?

  • Vantaggio 1 Line

    Automation in data entry thanks to the OCR engine for receipt recognition.

  • Vantaggio 2 Line

    Dematerialisation of receipts, eliminating the risk of loss.

  • Vantaggio 3 Line

    Reduction of time dedicated to monitoring compliance with company procedures.

  • Vantaggio 4 Line

    Automatic reconciliation of invoices with expense reports.

  • Vantaggio 5 Line

    Reduction of costs incurred for the storage of paper documents.


Captio Colore 100x100


Captio is a cloud-based platform designed for the digital management of travel and expenses. The process begins with travel planning and storage of the digital expense report and captures and categorizes expense slips with the app installed on your smartphone, tablet or multifunction device. Any company equipped with Captio has a modern, easy-to-use and intuitive expense control tool achieving substantial and measurable savings.

Integrazione Erp 100x100

Integration of Captio solution with company’s ERP

The app can be integrated with a company’s ERP, thanks to the possibility to export your data from the Captio platform and their subsequent transmission, allowing immediate communication between the expense report management platform and the company ERP.

Conservazione Color 100x100

Digital Preservation

The process enables digital conservation of cost statements and supporting documents. This process allows the company to not receive expense reports and receipts in paper form, being sure to be compliant with the regulations.

Conciliazione Colore 100x100

Reconciliation of expense reports with electronic invoices

Thanks to the use of the Pega platform, the process of reconciling expense reports with invoices is optimized. The system is able to recognize invoices of expense notes that are automatically matched to the corresponding expenditure in Captio.

Riconciliazione Estratto E Carta Colore 100x100

Optional module: reconciliation of expenses from credit card statement

Through the infrastructure made available by Archiva and the reconciliation management system implemented in Pega, it is possible to create a function to manage expenses obtained cross-checking expenses recorded in Captio whose payment method indicated is the company credit card and the report of the latter.

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