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Welcome to Archiva Customer Care

A new, easy and fast way
to manage all your service requests.
The best way to take care of you.

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Archiva chooses Atlassian’s Jira Service Management technology to manage ticketing for its customers and Requiro.HUB users. Nominated by Forrester as a “strong performer”, the platform guarantees a high level of collaboration between customers, customer care and internal departments. The fluidity of the communication flow together with a constant tracking of the activities allows the Customer and our staff to have at any time the state of the art of the open requests.

Download the Customer Care manual

Working together. For you.

We have equipped ourselves with a tool that brings us closer to your needs and allows you to see our work, not as a complaints department but as a place where listening and communication draw the perimeter of action, favouring the exchange of data and information and speeding up the resolution of complaints.


This naturally creates small virtual teams made up of you and your staff, the Customer Care team, vertical and focused on the issue in question.


You will receive or have already received an e-mail from, with a link to the platform’s Log-in page.



All you have to do is enter your name, surname and a password of your choice to activate your account.

For information purposes only, you can contact us at IS NOT ALLOWED TO OPEN TICKETS.

What changes if you are already a customer?

If you are already a user of the Archiva Support Portal
You will simply use a more modern and performing platform for managing requests


If you use e-mail for Help Desk notifications
You can continue to use the e-mail channel but by writing to this new address


If you are a Requiro.HUB user or an Archiva customer and you have not received the authorisation?
Click on the “request authorisation” button at the top of the page, we will send you an automatic reply email and you will be contacted once the request has been processed.


What about tickets in process?
They will be processed using the current procedures.