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We have procured a tool that brings us closer to your needs and allows you to see our work, not as a complaints office but as a place where listening and communication shape the scope of action, facilitating the exchange of data and information, and speeding up the resolution of complaints.

Small virtual teams consisting of you and your co-workers, and the Customer Care team form naturally. These are vertical and focused on the topic at hand.

Archiva chooses Atlassian's Jira Service Management technology to manage the ticketing of its customers and the Requiro.HUB and Requiro Cloud users. Rated as a 'strong performer' by Forrester, the platform ensures a high level of collaboration between customer, Customer Care and internal departments. The fluidity of the communication flow combined with a constant tracking of activities allows the customer and our staff to have the state of the art of all the open requests at any time.

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