A team of companies operating in 4 European countries, the result of Archiva Srl's 30 years of experience in digitisation and digital preservation according to the standards in force.

The companies in the group complete the value proposition with specialised services and expertise in the areas of document management (BPO/DMS), hyperautomation (RPA/BPM/AI) and consulting on the regulatory, digital and methodological revision aspects of business processes (Lean Thinking/6Sigma/Hybrid Project Management).

Today, Archiva Group is a solid, credible, and reliable partner for all companies that want to rethink their business by exploiting the potential of digital technologies.


Our work

We strive for process excellence through methodical process analysis, and implement fast and scalable digital technologies so that our customer can immediately perceive the value of the improvement projects. We complement our work with a specific sensitivity to national and international regulatory frameworks in order to transform legal constraints into business opportunities.


We start from the data because it is our DNA.

Producing a valuable, understandable and transferable piece of data is no easy matter, it means making sense of a document or rather understanding how that piece of data manifests itself to us while keeping it accessible, secure and compliant.


We digitise value.

Rethinking the way we do things does not mean choosing between technology and method.

It means choosing technologies that resolve micro-processes by returning immediate value or driving a step-by-step digitisation that starts with portions of the processes and can scale rapidly across the entire value chain, with minimal impact on ongoing operations and business.


We experience change as a constant.

Rethinking the way we do things cannot be locked into a simple vision of the process. What is needed is a broader view that combines the needs of the execution with the strategic business vision.

Everyone must play an active part in the change.



Sip Microfilm was founded, a company at the forefront of the dematerialisation and cataloguing of paper archives, such as libraries or land registers, by restoring and archiving their contents on 16mm microfilm.


Giuliano Marone, a nuclear engineering graduate from Rome's Sapienza University, took over as head of the company, renaming it Archiva srl.


Requiro was created, a web-based platform conceived and designed to offer solutions for the most advanced document management needs.



Archiva entered the German market with the company Archiva GMBH.


Archiva Polska opened, Archiva's production hub near Warsaw.


Archiva acquired a majority shareholding in Realvalue, the first Italian partner of Pegasystem, a US software company that develops case management solutions, repeatedly rated by Gartner and Forrester, for the reduction of complexity in business processes.



In 2019, when e-invoicing came into force in Italy, Archiva srl and the Requiro platform led over 1,500 corporate customers through the regulatory transition.

In the same year, Archiva founded Maxwell Consulting, the group's strategic consulting company.


Robotiqe, the group's 'creative botique', was opened, a company specialising in hyperautomation with strong expertise in Robotic Process Automation.

Archiva Polska was modernised and began the journey that saw it evolve from a production hub to a company capable of moving in the Polish market in the run-up to the electronic invoicing obligation that will come into force in 2023.



Archiva acquires Honu srl, a company from Vicenza specialising in process digitisation and the first "Italian gold partner" of the Kissflow platform.

The Requiro brand brings together the entire Archiva offer for document management and presents itself with a new cloud-based platform to project the customer towards a renewed vision of data.


"There are two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear.”

(Philip Kotler- Professor of International Marketing presso la Kellogg School of Management della Northwestern University di Evanston, Illinois).


"We build the liquid organisation for our customers. The company that succeeds, through digital technologies and process excellence, in positively exploiting any kind of change."

Liquid organisation

A liquid organisation seeks increasingly rapid responses in a world evolving at great speed and, consequently, is able to develop an adaptive capacity that allows it to flexibly modify structures and roles to exist in a state of permanent change, strongly encouraging cooperation between employees.

The 4 characteristics of an organisation that evolves into tomorrow, capable of experiencing any kind of change in a positive way:


Jellyfish have inhabited the earth for 600 million years, surviving ice ages and earthquakes, and they are still continuing to increase in number today.

Efficient and sustainable

The locomotion system in jellyfish is original and efficient: the muscles of the mesoglea expand radially and contract, generating a starting vortex that propels the animal forward; once the contraction is over, the mesoglea elastically retracts, creating a stopping vortex without any extra energy input and thus giving the process a chance to start again.


They have potentially invented immortality through the process of TRANSDIFFERENTIATION, they are able to impact their cellular composition, the older they get the younger they become.



Their bodies are 98% water.

Liquid mentality

A liquid organisation is able to exploit the digital challenge to continuously and cyclically rethink its business model. In particular, a liquid organisation is aware that:

Change is constant

Accepting change as a constant of radicalised modernity, which accelerates its radicalisation on the technological and digital drive.


Interactions are numerous, rapid and weak

A modernity that makes all human relations, including economic ones, 'liquid', leading businesses to operate in 'liquid' markets.



The customer has the power

Putting the customer at the centre implies the ability to be liquid in all markets, to hedge against the fast fluctuations of raw materials, the speed at which the cost of money changes, and the volatility of job positions. So that our service/product is not affected by exogenous and endogenous variations in our organisation.


Resisting change is not an option

'Heavy' organisation sinks in the liquid market.



The group

Our companies in 4 European countries, counts 4 brands and over 280 employees, this is Archiva Group.


Turnover invested each year in research, innovation and continuous improvement.


Employees, who exceed 300 if we include the professionals and consultants who work in partnership with the business.


Improvement and digitisation projects successfully implemented on our customers’ premises.


Active customers.


Gigabytes of archived documents, stored according to the standards in force and always available for our customers.

>60Mln di €

Saving achieved by our consultants.

Corporate partners and associations

Archiva Group is a company that is always ready to establish lasting and transparent partnerships, a real added value for our customers.