Vitabu for Mamba ... Books for Mamba

vitabu for mamba

After the renovation of the schools in the Mamba village in 2008, the non-profit organisation 'Voci e Volti di Verona' launched the 'Vitabu for mamba' project in 2019, which was aimed at building eight libraries and the necessary school materials for studying subjects such as geography, civics, history, mathematics, English, chemistry and physics. In this way, the 160 children enrolled had better access to culture.  

I do not ask you for miracles or visions, but for the strength to cope with everyday life.
Do not give me what I desire but what I need.
Teach me the art of small steps...

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Location: Mamba Village, Moshi region - Northern Tanzania


  • To enable children accessing schools to be able to study.
  • To provide the necessary materials for a good education.
  • To create a solid basis for growth.