Napenda Kukua... I would like to study

napenda kukua

"Napenda Kukua . I'd like to study" is the name of the project involving Archiva and the non-profit organisation Voci e Volti di Verona in the construction of a Primary School at the Villagio Sole di Speranza in the Usa River area, North Tanzania, for children aged between 3 and 7.  

In 2017 Archiva decided to dispense with Christmas presents and instead put the corresponding amount of money into the creation of something so precious for 350 children of the Sole di Speranza Village. 

one year, plant rice, 20 years plant a tree, a century teach men.

The project that ended in 2020, supported by other organisations such as the Holy Spirit Sister (Rauja, Tanzania) has enabled the poorest in particular to have access to education, creating a stronger basis for growth, providing a cultural foundation and also guaranteeing the next children access to education in their own land.  

Location: Usa River, Arusha, Northern Tanzania


  • To enable all children, especially the poorest, to access Primary School.
  • To create a solid foundation for children to grow up.
  • To guarantee the children in the area a future in their own land.