For a future based on inclusion. Why talking about diversity is wrong.

for a future based on inclusion

All over the world, and also in Italy, events and demonstrations are held in June to commemorate the Stonewall events of 1969, which have in the so-called 'Gay Pride' marches, organised by the local LGBTQIA+ communities, their best known representation.

Festive, colourful and lively processions that want to make their voices heard and demand rights that are too often denied to some people because they are considered 'wrong', 'dangerous' and 'different'.

"But different from whom?" (cit.)

It is wrong to speak of diversity when referring to the way of being oneself. In this context, 'diversity' is a term that emphasises distances and not unites.

Even the existence of diversity management standards and policies -referring to people- marks the need to include something or someone, which does not belong, to those it includes. Thus, once again, a social distance is highlighted.

The uniqueness of people should be recognised and appreciated without the intervention of special policies. In private as well as in professional life, everyone's uniquenesses bring cultural, human and social enrichment.

Furthermore, in the workplace, it is important that everyone can experience well-being and serenity by feeling free to be themselves and to express their I.

This serene place must be constantly created and maintained for the well-being of all people in the company community.

Archiva Group is careful to create and maintain a peaceful place for the well-being of all the people it works with. We care about the happiness of our employees and want everyone to feel serene, comfortable and safe, as if they were at home.

Pride Month continues, but its essence must not stop on the first of July.