Biriky ny Rano... A water brick

biriky ny rano

With the construction of 12 wells, the inhabitants finally have access to drinking water!

In the south of Madagascar, in the 22 villages of the Beloha area, 12 wells were built with the aim of providing concrete help to the inhabitants of these areas who had not had drinking water for many years.

In fact, the minimum distance to have access to such an indispensable good was 50 km. 

Archiva together with the non-profit organisation Voci e Volti di Verona, on the advice of the Congregation of the Priests of St. John the Baptist Precursor of Madonna di Campagna (VR), in 2022 guaranteed the inhabitants of these villages access to drinking water.

The construction of the 12 wells also had the aim of significantly improving the health conditions of all inhabitants with the consequent reduction of diseases, unfortunately still widespread, such as malnutrition.

We don't know the value of water until the well runs dry

Thomas Fuller

Current project status: under construction, estimated completion 2022.

Location: Beloha area, a small town in southern Madagascar in the province of Taliara.


  • To provide drinking water to villagers in Madagascar.
  • To improve the level of health.
  • To reduce diseases such as malnutrition and diarrhoea.