Basi la Shule ... A school bus!

basi la shule

Finally, all children in the Sun of Hope Village in Tanzania can get to school without any problems every morning!

After the construction of the Primary School in northern Tanzania, Archiva and the non-profit organisation Voci e Volti started the project "Basi La Shule" in order to guarantee not only access to education but also a safe way to reach the school.

In fact, before the project was implemented, the 300 children had to walk 30 minutes on sandy and only partially paved roads, sometimes during the rainy season, to reach school. 

It is not the destination that is important, but the walk.

Paulo Coelho

 Location: Sun of Hope Village and Neighbouring Villages, Northern Tanzania, Arusha, Usa River.


  • To enable children to travel safely.
  • To provide a means of transport suitable for the road and weather conditions.
  • Create a solid foundation for growth.

Shule has therefore made a minibus transport service available, allowing each child a more comfortable, quicker but above all safer journey.