A smile is born

a smile is born

'A Smile is Born' is a non-profit association aimed at raising funds for the treatment of young Indians in the Gujarat region (northern India) suffering from polio. 

The initiative to set it up stems from the meeting between Giuliano Marone, managing director and founder of Archiva, the Veronese lawyer Franco Vinci and Paolo Donati, a professional photographer from Romagna who, since 1980, has dedicated himself to photographing exotic peoples and customs from Africa to the Far East but who, since 2004, has been working in favour of young people affected by polio by raising funds for Dr Madhu Rana's hospital in Gujarat. 

Thanks to the work of Dr. Madhu Rana and his staff, dozens and dozens of young Indians forced to reduced and precarious mobility due to polio-related deformities have been operated on to date.