Terms and conditions of use of this site

Access to the website www.archivagroup.com (for brevity, the “Site”) by visitors is subject to the conditions of access set out below. By using the Site, the visitor unconditionally accepts all the clauses set out below:


Site content

The content published and/or reproduced on the Site (including but not limited to: information, logos, graphic elements, sounds, images, trademarks etc., for brevity the “Information”) is the exclusive property of (or granted by third parties to) Archiva Srl. The contents of the Site are available to visitors for personal use only and not for commercial purposes.


Intellectual property rights

Archiva Srl actively protects its intellectual property rights. The contents published on the Site are protected by the regulations in force concerning copyright and industrial property rights. The reproduction, even partial, of the Information is permitted only with the prior written authorisation of Archiva Srl. It is therefore forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit or disseminate the content of this site without first obtaining the express written consent of Archiva Srl. In particular, it is forbidden to copy the computer programs (software) that determine the functioning of the site, to create programs similar to these, to trace and/or use the source code of these programs.

Archiva Srl does not use material covered by the copyright of others without clearly indicating the owner. The reproduction of such material, possibly contained in the Site, may be limited by the author and visitors may have to request prior consent from the owner of the right in order to reproduce it in other publications in paper and/or electronic format.


Limitations of liability

Although Archiva S.r.l. endeavours to provide information in a timely and accurate manner, Archiva S.r.l. cannot guarantee that such information will be correct at the time of publication or that it will remain so over time. All the services provided by Archiva Srl do not constitute obligations of the same, therefore Archiva Srl expressly reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to eliminate or modify all or part of the pages of the Site or the entire publication, without any responsibility being attributed to it.

Archiva Srl does not assume any responsibility for possible inaccuracies, imprecisions and/or omissions regarding the material contained in the Site, nor can it be held responsible for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, (including infections by computer viruses, that the equipment of visitors may suffer due to the access and/or interconnection with the Site or to the downloading of its content) caused, suffered or determined by the access or use of the Site pages.



As a useful resource for the visitors of the Site, Archiva Srl provides hypertext links that can direct the search of visitors to web pages of sites other than the present one. Archiva Srl declines all responsibility in relation to both the content of what is published on these sites and the use that third parties may make of it, as well as any damage caused or originating from access to these sites, from interconnection with them or from downloading their content.


Effectiveness. Applicable law and competent Court

The above clauses form an integral part of the Site and are governed by Italian law. In the event that individual sections of the same are invalid, illegal or ineffective, the remaining parts shall continue to be effective. The Court of Verona is exclusively competent to settle any disputes in any case connected to these legal notes. Notwithstanding this, Archiva Srl reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights before the judicial authorities of cities or countries other than Italy.


Terms and conditions relating to Logos by Archiva Srl

Logos, logotypes, distinctive trademarks, web pages, screen images or other distinctive features of Archiva Srl (“Logos”) are valuable assets that Archiva Srl actively protects. In order to use the Logos – in compliance with the instructions given on this page – it is therefore necessary to have the express authorisation of Archiva Srl (“Authorisation”), which may be obtained by sending a specific request (“Form”) containing an indication of the specific purposes for which the Logos are to be used. With the Authorisation, Archiva Srl grants the user a non-transferable, non-exclusive and free right to use the Logos indicated in the Form for the sole purpose and only on the material supports specified therein.

If a contract has already been stipulated with Archiva Srl in which the modalities of use of the relative Logos are established, it is not necessary to carry out this approval process, except for requesting Authorisation for other uses not contemplated in the existing contract. Notwithstanding the above, the Logos may be used without the prior written consent of Archiva Srl only in the event that there is a clear and explicit statement on the Archiva Srl website regarding the possibility of using the Logos without requesting authorisation (e.g. search fields).

In any case, any use of the Logos must be carried out in accordance with the following conditions:

  • use only graphic elements approved by Archiva Srl;
  • include a statement in the text clearly indicating that the Logos are the property of Archiva Srl;
  • appropriately distinguish the Logos from the surrounding text;


The following operations are not allowed:

  • remove, distort or alter in any way and/or in any form even a single element of the Logos outside of the criteria defined by Archiva Srl;
  • copy or imitate the trade dress of Archiva Srl, including the graphic appearance of Archiva Srl’s web
  • design properties or the presentation of the Logos or combinations of colours, typographic elements, graphic designs, product icons or images distinctively associated with Archiva Srl
  • adopt trademarks, logotypes, slogans or designs that may be confused with the Logos;
  • register the Logos as second level domain names;
  • use the Logos in such a way as to suggest a common descriptive or generic meaning;
    reproduce the Logos in a way that Archiva Srl deems, in its sole discretion, to be misleading,
  • incorrect, defamatory, illegal, libellous, denigrating or otherwise objectionable to Archiva Srl;
  • display the Logos on any digital, paper or other support, in a prominent position or in such a way as to mislead the user into believing that there is a relationship or affiliation with Archiva Srl, or a sponsorship or approval by Archiva Srl, or to falsely create the opinion that the contents of the page have been created by Archiva Srl;
  • display the Logos on any website that contains or displays adult-only content;
    incorporate the Logos into product, service, brand, logo or company names.


The rights associated with trademark ownership vary from country to country. In some countries there are severe criminal and civil penalties for improper use of the registration symbol. Therefore, the registration symbol (®) should not be used in countries where the mark has not been registered.

Archiva Srl reserves the exclusive right to withdraw or modify, at its own discretion, the Authorization and to take legal action against any use that does not comply with these conditions, that violates any intellectual property right or that does not comply with the rules of the law in force.