Supplier Invoices Approval

Supplier Invoice Approval is a service aimed at the administrative offices of companies, which seeks to facilitate the management of the invoice payment approval process.

Nativamente Mobile


Supplier Invoice Approval is the service that allows you to carry out the approval process for purchasing documents on the move directly from your smartphone, thus facilitating access and approval by all those involved in the process.

Ready To Use


Approval of supplier invoices is a service which, after a quick initial activation, allows the customer to configure the business rules independently. The start-up process is designed to be simplified in its configuration in order to be usable immediately.

Gestione Documentale Semplificata


Approval of supplier invoices is a service that allows a fully digital management of the approval flow, thus reducing approval and document management times. The service also allows continuous monitoring of the progress and payment status of the invoice.

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Thanks to Supplier Invoices Approval you have the possibility to:

Manage electronic invoices with a fully digitised process

By inserting the documents to be approved into a digitally architected stream

Reduce the time taken to manage and approve documents

With the possibility to view and approve invoices also on the move, anywhere and at any time

Digitise and manage analogue invoices in the same flow

Through integration with other Archiva services that allow the digitisation of paper documents


Approvazione In Mobilita


Approval of supplier invoices allows the independent management of the updating of information regarding their own documents. In the first phase the service will be configured by Archiva, but then the management will be totally free by the customer.

Definizione Dinamica Dei Livelli Approvativi


Supplier Invoice Approval allows the configuration of approval levels and the approval cycle to be followed during the process. In addition, the service allows the definition of business rules for the application of automatic actions and/or exceptions.

Configurabile In Autonomia


Supplier invoice approval allows documents to be viewed from the app, with the possibility of approval or rejection by the approver, specifying the reasons for rejection. All this in mobility.

Report E Notifiche


Approval of supplier invoices allows the summary in analytical reports of what has passed through the approval flow, specifically distinguishing the practices validated by the approvers and released for payment and the rejected practices.

Would you like to facilitate the management of the approval process for the payment of invoices?