The delivery process offered by Archiva combines different modes for each delivery and for each document. The most suitable channel can be dynamically selected in relation to the cost effectiveness, urgency, traceability or need to have a certain and legally enforceable delivery date.
The channels used in addition to the traditional paper format include: e-mail, certified e-mail, EDI or a dedicated portal for the distribution of documents. Personalised services can be defined for each delivery mode, for the management of document delivery notifications, returns, reports and logics of escalation.


  • Having one single partner that provides different delivery channels. Guaranteed and tracked delivery.
  • Reduction of the overall service management costs.
  • Increased control of the entire process.
  • Full personalisation of the service per single company name or document number.
  • Compliance of the entire process for documents with fiscal value.
  • Meeting of customer requirements for upstream integration through EDI communications.

Process stages

  • Dynamic identification of delivery channels.
  • Creation and delivery of communications.
  • Check of all stages that follow the outcome delivery processes.
  • Activation of logics of escalation.
  • Generation of delivery reports.

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