Archiva’s digital archiving process offers the efficient organisation and identification of document contents and controlled accessibility. The submission information package to be sent to the repository system is prepared in this phase, in compliance with the new Italian technical guidelines on the storage of electronic documents.


  • Simplification of administrative processes.
  • Sharing of documents through different document platforms and ERP systems.
  • Access to documents at all times, also from mobile devices.
  • Improved control of business documents.
  • Reduction in cost for the management of procurement and sales documents.

Process stages

  • Reception of the document flow.
  • Collection of the paper documents at the customer’s premises.
  • Manual/automatic standardisation of the documents received.
  • Document indexing.
  • Creation of the submission information package.
  • Signing of the submission information report with digital signature (simple, advanced or qualified).
  • Transfer of the submission information package to the repository manager.

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