The Document Management process offered by Archiva conveys all business information in one single web environment in order to simplify the search for, consultation and sharing of documents, without the need for customers to make investments or acquire specific know-how. Document management also allows the design of business processes related to the creation of document approval procedures.


  • Reduction in document management time and cost.
  • Documents are available and can be retrieved from remote.
  • Sharing of information by several users.
  • Increase in level of control and security of corporate data.
  • Zero investment costs, which can be transformed into operational costs.
  • Transformation of corporate decision processes into digital workflows.

Process stages

  • Document indexing.
  • Publication on the Requiro document platform.
  • Access via login and password.
  • Search and consultation via web.
  • Monitoring of the progress of the e-invoices and EDI communications.
  • Execution of process workflows.

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