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Govern your processes, from the simplest to the most complex, have your employees and offices collaborate using shared rules, data and applications, focus on your business objectives!

All with Pega.

Pega is a business process automation platform

which, based on a Case Management logic, allows you to build vertical applications tailored to the needs of your business.

It allows you to manage multiple processes, share information from external systems and automate different service levels, while defining priorities and escalations.

Pega develops applications that are scalable and more flexible than traditional approaches, allowing you to significantly reduce your time-to-market.

Pega is based on the DCO approach, i.e. Directly Capture Objectives, which allows the direct capture of business requirements through the use of visual tools capable of automatically generating the necessary documentation in an intuitive, simple way and directly on your browser. It therefore allows you to provide a working and interactive prototype of the application, allowing end users to test and give immediate feedback on what is being created.

Pega is based on a low-code approach that allows you to deliver applications faster than traditional approaches: all components, such as rules, user interface and integrations are built using a minimal amount of code. It is sufficient to acquire a process to see it running immediately.

Pega, thanks to its responsive technology, allows you to build a working interface that automatically adapts to any desktop or mobile platform, as well as allowing you to generate a mobile app with your company logo. Business logic, rules and integrations are shared, saving you time and development costs.

Pega uses the Situation Layer Cake architecture, which makes it possible to manage the complexity that typically characterises companies operating in different markets, thanks to the use of individual objects that can be reused and specialised. This means that new products can be launched or new branches opened without having to copy or rewrite applications and revert to previous versions.

Pega is a Process Based platform that virtualises and centralises access to data, keeping data up-to-date and distributing it to applications according to user needs, allowing data to be automatically retrieved from external systems or reused from cash and not tying applications to obsolete sources, leaving them free to evolve with business needs.


It develops applications that are 6.4 times faster to build than using traditional requirements with Java code, 8 times faster to modify and 40 times faster to mobilise than traditional programming. (Source: Studio Capgemini)


Using Archiva’s infrastructure, it creates flexible and scalable business applications that meet any business need and reduce time-to-market by around 40%. (Source: Forrester)


It uses configurable connectors and open protocols that enable it to work with all major ERP systems and interoperability technologies.

Pega can support:

Commercial negotiation processes



Users divided between Dealers, Area Dealers, Sales Management and Order Office


Contracts per month


Reduction of bargaining time between the manufacturer and the dealers when selling a vehicle.

Increased control of the contracting phases of the medium.


Structured management of discount request entry by Dealers.

Discount and renegotiation approval management.

Management of sales order completion and concession letters.

Access to the solution also on the move.


Reduction of bargaining time from “days” to “hours”.

Tracking of bargaining agreements between commercial companies and Dealers.

Pega can support:

Contract management processes



Contract office users


Different models of contracts


Contracts managed every month


Elimination of contract compilation errors

Zero risk of loss

Time and costs reduction in data entry

Increased security in accessing content


Assisted compilation of contracts with article master data management

Automated and collaborative workflows

Digital/graphometric signature of contracts


Elimination of contract compilation errors

Reduced preparation time

Reduction of contract search time

Elimination of the risk of loss of contracts

Pega can support:

Supplier invoice management processes



Involved users of various levels and functions


Different approval scenarios managed


Invoices managed per year


Direct receipt of invoices from suppliers and their initial validation

Elimination of the risk of loss

Reduced data entry time and costs

Increased security in accessing content

Step by step control of the whole internal management cycle: approval/registration/payment


Guided cycle for each step of the workflow

Automated and collaborative workflows

Reports by functions involved and progress

Assignment of tasks to each specific process owner

Invoice management from any source channel (Paper, PDF, B2B)


Elimination of time taken to identify the correct owner and progress cluster

70% reduction in invoice handling time

Zero invoice search time

Focus on the work of each employee, with a simultaneous increase in performance / FTE

Archiva together with Pega Systems to develop the best solutions for your business .
Skills, research and Italian creativity combined with the best technology on the market for the optimisation of business processes!

Pega Systems is one of the world’s leading software houses, a leader in the development of applications that focus on customer engagement and operational excellence, a role recognised by top industry analysts in both business process management and CRM software creation. [Gartner e Forrester]


Archiva, with its consultancy area and the offer of its services and know-how, is the ideal partner for companies that want to make their processes more efficient, both on the administrative side, going well beyond simple document dematerialisation, and in the other critical and core business areas.


The collaboration between Archiva, an Italian company with an eye for detail and customer satisfaction, and Pega Systems, a technology leader on the world market, allows us to provide the best solutions on the market in order to generate added value for companies, operating in a wide range of sectors, such as Healthcare, Finance, Fashion, Corporate Strategy or Automotive.

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