Archiva is a company specialised in the outsourcing of company processes focused on business documents. It offers a range of cloud services dedicated to the issuing, archiving, monitoring, consultation and storage of all the documents of the procurement and sales cycles, in line with the new Italian technical guidelines on the storage of electronic documents.

Your partner

Archiva is your strategic partner : it liberates information from its physical dimension and makes the content available at all times, from any place in a fast, certain and secure way.
Archiva is one of the main players of the compliant document archiving and preservation market: it handles about 80 million certified documents a year and has almost 100 collaborators and experts at the service of over 500 companies.

Accredited repository

Archiva is an accredited repository according to the requirements set by AgID – Agency for Digital Italy in order to provide a preservation service; these requirements include high quality and security, more specifically as regards technical, financial and organisational reliability, AgID also defines specific roles within the accredited company and follows and ensures their training.
Learn more about this subject with Prof. Santacroce; in the video he explains what it means to be an AgID accredited repository, why it is difficult to become an accredited company and why private companies rely on accredited repositories.

Quality and security

Archiva adopts and undertakes a quality and security policy to obtain the best results in terms of quality and preservation in time.
The main objective of Archiva’s corporate policy is to maintain the certification of its “Integrated security and quality management system”, developed in compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. Archiva’s system has a valid certification.

Code of ethics

The code of ethics adopted by Archiva aims to define a “Business code of ethics” that sets out the principles of transparency and accuracy of the information and reports with respect to business stakeholders, competitors, customers, suppliers, employees, external collaborators and the market in general.
It is an integral part of the organisational, management and control model adopted by the company pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 that governs “Administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, also without legal personality”.


Our service promise is to be your strategic partner offering enterprise content management solutions.
Our commitment to simplify information flows in compliance with regulations is the added value we offer our customers, by liberating information from its physical dimension and directly managing the content.


Our vision is of a future in which complete, fast, secure and available information will be one of the top factors in the success of business processes.

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