Archiva, a company which specialises in outsourcing corporate processes focussed on business documents, offers a range of cloud-based services dedicated to the issue, archiving, control, consultation and preservation of all the active and passive flows in line with the new Technical Rules on the preservation of IT documents.

Your partner

Archiva, by freeing information from its physical dimension and making its content usable always and everywhere quickly, safely and securely, is a strategic partner of customer companies.
It is among the main players on the market for document archiving and legal preservation, with over 112 million certified documents every year and more than 200 collaborators and professionals serving over 1,500 companies.

Accredited Registrar

Archiva is an Accredited Registrar with AgID (Italian Digital Agency), which has, on the one hand, identified a series of requirements for high quality and security, including organisational, technical and financial reliability, which are needed for a company to undertake preservation work and, on the other, has defined specific corporate roles and has verified their training.
Examine with Prof. Santacroce what being an Accredited Registrar with AgID means, why it is hard to get on the list and the reasons which drive private companies to turn to an Accredited Registrar.

Quality and security

Archiva adopts a Quality and Security Policy as the management’s commitment to obtain the best possible results in terms of quality and to maintain them over time.
The fundamental objective of Archiva’s corporate policy is the maintenance of certifications of its “Integrated security and quality management system”, realised in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001, in which it has achieved regular certification which is currently in force.

Code of ethics

Archiva has adopted a code of ethics with the aim of defining a “Code for ethics in business”, to set out the principles of transparency, truthfulness of information and reports in regard to the multiple corporate stakeholders, competitors, customers, suppliers, internal and external collaborators and, in general, the market.
It is an integral part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model adopted by the company under the provisions of Leg. Decree 231/2001 “Regulation of administrative liability of individuals, companies and associations with legal status”.


Our service promise is to be a strategic partner to manage contents relating to business documents.
Our commitment, aimed at simplifying information flows in compliance with the laws, seeks to be added value for our customers in order to free information from its physical dimension through the immediate achievement of pure content.


Our Vision is that of a future in which complete, quick, secure and available information will be among the first critical success factors in business processes.

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