Electronic Order via NSO


Smart.Order is a fully outsourced service for the automatic management of the purchasing process cycle in structured electronic format, which saves costs and increases the level of control and visibility of the entire process.



Smart.Order is an outsourced solution, therefore it does not require any infrastructure or management costs and is enhanced by workflow and collaboration tools, which facilitate work within the organisation.


Smart.Order makes it possible to comply with the regulations that oblige the sorting of all purchase orders in electronic format in Italian public administrations.



Through Smart.Order, the PA will be able to verify in real time the orders that have been placed and, consequently, monitor the costs of public spending with an effective decrease in waste.

Regulatory deadlines

Paragraphs 411-415 of the 2018 Italian Budget Law stipulate that all purchase orders from the Public Administration must be made exclusively in electronic format and transmitted via the Nodo di Smistamento degli Ordini (NSO).

The Legislative Decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance of 27 December 2019, sets the modalities and timeframe for implementation, establishing the obligation to issue and transmit documents certifying the ordering of purchases of goods and services carried out electronically through NSO.

NSO: Regulatory deadlines

1st FEBRUARY 2020
The obligation for the National Health System to issue electronic orders for the supply of goods begins.

1st JANUARY 2021.
the obligation for the National Health System to issue electronic orders for the supply of services. begins.

1st JANUARY 2021.
it becomes mandatory to include the metadata of orders of goods in the invoice to be sent to the SdI.

1st JANUARY 2022.
it becomes mandatory to include the metadata of service orders in the invoice to be sent to the SdI.



Smart.Order allows the monitoring of transactions through a dedicated module of the Requiro.Hub portal, where all messages exchanged within the Peppol network will be present.


Smart.Order allows monitoring of order delivery via the Requiro.Hub web portal.


Smart.Order allows you to check that the documents transmitted have been correctly formed and contain all the information necessary for their subsequent use in the invoicing and payment stages.


Smart.Order allows you to manage the electronic transmission of computerised documents certifying the purchase of goods and services between the entities of the National Health Service.


Smart.Order enables all documents exchanged within the Peppol network to be digitally preserved within the integrated Requiro.Hub system. Orders are displayed using a standard style sheet.

Future developments

Uniformity and adherence to the European model through the use of the UBL 3.0 format and the PEPPOL communication channel.

Nationwide dissemination of the standardised electronic order.

Complete dematerialisation of the order lifecycle with computerised management of the transport document.

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