B2B and PA Electronic Invoicing


Smart.Invoice is a service which automates the process of electronic invoicing with the Inter-exchange System, guaranteeing its compliance to the law, greater control and a high degree of customisation.

Smart.Invoice enables the despatch and receipt of all electronic invoices (B2B, B2G, B2C), integrating them in a customised way in your corporate processes.


Smart.Invoice makes it possible to comply with the regulations that oblige the issue and receipt of electronic invoices between companies, private individuals and Italian public administrations and meets the specifications dictated by the technical rules on digital preservation.


Smart.Invoice is an outsourced solution, thus it does not require any infrastructure or operational cost and is enhanced by work flow and collaboration instruments, which enable the facilitation of work inside the organization.


Smart.Invoice integrates with the main ERPs and vertical applications, as well as with all the Archiva services, in particular document management, digital preservation and legal exhibition.

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Thanks to Smart.Invoice you can:

gestione fatture elettroniche

Reduce the time frames for launching the service

Through the acquisition of any structured file and conversion of said file into the format required by the Inter-exchange System or by the ERP System.

Reduce the risk of non-payment

Through the possibility of attaching to the electronic invoice issued, whether automatically or manually, other documents requested by the recipient to facilitate understanding of the invoice, such as for example: progress of works, contract, order, report, or pdf document or EDI of the traditional invoice. In addition, it enables management of the attachments to incoming invoices.

Access all the opportunities of multi-channel despatch

Through the management of incoming and outgoing communications starting from the structured data file, regardless of the channel chosen (Inter-exchange System, EDI, email, print).

gestione fatture elettroniche

Reduce the time frames to generate and manage electronic invoices

Through the monitoring of the accounts payable and accounts receivable, from the generation to the loading of electronic invoices, and the automatic management of the outcomes of the Inter-exchange System.

gestione fatture elettroniche

Reduce the time frames to verify the electronic invoices issued

Through the legible and customisable graphical representation of the electronic invoice issued or received and the easy consultation of all the documents connected to it.

Reduce the cost of legal preservation of electronic invoices and related documents

Through a preservation and legal exhibition service which conforms to the Technical Rules on digital preservation for invoices, outcomes and any attached documents.

Reduce the process cost relating to signing and loading electronic invoices on the Inter-exchange System

Through the affixing of the approved signature on electronic invoices issued to partners and automatic loading on the Inter-exchange System.

Increase control over the document management process

Thanks to the possibility of adding information to the electronic invoice, such as for example, the receipt date of the invoice, the registration data (protocol number and date), and/or other data for indexing invoices.

Be compliant with the law

Thanks to the use of an accredited channel to receive electronic invoices from the Inter-exchange System, assigning to each customer a Recipient Code and also managing any invoices received via certified email (PEC).

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Simplify your invoicing processes with:

  • A ready to use solution without infrastructure and management costs.

  • Complete integration with the main ERPs and vertical applications.

  • Instruments for collaboration, work flow and information-sharing.

  • Immediate access to all the services offered by Archiva.

  • Guarantee of compliance with both Italian and international law.


Management of any ERP file

Smart.Invoice enables the issue and acquisition of electronic invoices, managing any file or format generated by ERP systems and converting these formats into those required by the Inter-exchange System.

Managemnet of any structured input format

Smart.Invoice enables the management of any structured file extracted from the customer’s management system. With a Data Transformation process the input format is transformed into the format required by the Inter-exchange System.

Receipt of  electronic invoiced through an accredited channel

Smart.Invoice enables the receipt of invoices from the Inter-exchange System through an accredited channel, assigning the customer a Recipient Code. In addition, it manages any invoices received by certified email (PEC) from the customer.

Invoice integration

Smart.Invoice enables the integration of passive electronic invoices, managing the format sent by the Inter-exchange System and converting it into that required by the ERP System.

Sign and loading 

Smart.Invoice enables signing with an Archiva approved certificate of the electronic invoices issued by the Inter-exchange System and automatically loads them on to it.

Management of attachments 

Smart.Invoice enables the attachment (manually or automatically) to the electronic invoice issued of the documents required by the partner, thus avoiding the risk of refusal of the invoice. For invoices payable it can extract the attachments present on the invoice and manage them in the document work flow as required by the customer. It is also possible to generate and attach the current EDI file starting from a single file. The attachments can also be integrated (through Data Transformation processes as per the EDI) where necessary.

Monitoring of electronic invoices and management of outcomes

Smart.Invoice enables the monitoring of electronic invoices throughout the whole process, from generation to loading, and automatically manages the outcomes sent by the Inter-exchange System, reconciling them with the original invoice.

Legal preservation of electronic invoices and related documents 

Smart.Invoice provides a preservation and legal exhibition service for invoices, but also for outcomes, which already conforms to the new technical rules. In addition, it can preserve the attachments and automatically link the invoices with the other documents in the order cycle, creating a single package which is easy to consult. Legibility is guaranteed through style sheets which can be customised with logos and specific layouts.


Smart.Invoice provides legible display of the electronic invoices issued and received, through an Archiva standard format or customised format requested by the customer and enables their sending by email to then be able to manage the registration through traditional means.

Data enhancement 

Smart.Invoice enables the addition of information to the electronic invoice in order to manage it correctly within the document systems. For example, it enables the addition of the receipt date of the invoice, the registration data (protocol number and date), and/or other data for indexing invoices.

Management of input and output multi-channel function

Smart.Invoice enables the management of the input and output multi-channel function, regardless of the channel chosen (Inter-exchange System, EDI, email, paper), starting from a single structured data file.

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