The electronic invoicing process offered by Archiva combines different ways of sending electronic invoices depending on your document management system and the recipient.

It is the chosen channel for the fast and secure delivery of critical business documents, with the certainty of total end-to-end regulatory compliance, from the moment the document is completed until it is sent to the recipient.

The Archiva team has also developed a business intelligence structure that leverages the analytics derived from the process to optimize the entire administrative flow.




  • Having a single partner able to make different channels of conveyance available.
  • Track and guarantee delivery.
  • Reduce the overall costs of managing the service.
  • More control over the entire process.
  • Complete customization of the service by individual company name or document number.
  • Ensure compliance of the entire process for documents with fiscal value.

Process Steps

  • Dynamic identification of delivery channels.
  • Creation and delivery of communications.
  • Control of all the downstream phases of the sending processes.
  • Activation of escalation logics.
  • Generation of active and passive billing reports.

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