Electronic Invoicing for SAP


Smart.Invoice for SAP is the integration of the electronic invoicing service provided by Archiva within the SAP management system. It enables the sending and receipt of electronic invoices, integrating them perfectly with your own management system.


Smart.Invoice for SAP is integrated with the management system and allows the total management of electronic invoicing process, allowing the reconciliation of invoices, the generation of the XML file, the viewing of the PDF rendering and integration with the preservation system.


Smart.Invoice for SAP enables the viewing from a single control point of the electronic invoices issued, the status of each of them and the progress of the individual document in the various stages of the document between company, Inter-exchange System and the customer.


Smart.Invoice for SAP enables compliance with the law which requires the issue and receipt of electronic invoicing between companies, private and public Italian administrations and meets the specifications dictated by the technical rules relating to digital preservation.


Thanks to Smart.Invoice for SAP you can:

Reduce time dedicated to reconciling and correcting errors

Increase productivity through the use of a single platform, SAP

Reduce licence costs through complete functions based on the eDocument Framework

Reduce the complexity of the infrastructure and the corresponding risks

Manage unique infrastructure at global level to manage the electronic invoice

Increase compliance with the law thanks to the standardisation of the documents in SAP and those which are preserved



Smart.Invoice for SAP enables use of the eDocument monitor to view from a single control point the electronic invoices issued, the status of each of them and the progress of the individual document in the stages of generating the invoice, its acceptance and processing by Archiva, forwarding to the Inter-exchange System and subsequent stages of delivery to the customer.

XML file generation

Smart.Invoice for SAP enables the mapping of fields and generating the XML file directly from SAP without needing external procedures. Alternatively, it is possible to safeguard the investment already made by the customer by recovering the XML file using the current procedure.


Smart.Invoice for SAP enables the viewing of the XML file at any time in the process directly from the eDocument monitor and consultation of the PDF version of the electronic invoice from the moment of delivery of the same by the Inter-exchange System. The version viewed is based on the Archiva rendering.

Integration with preservcation system

Smart.Invoice for SAP is completely integrated with the Archiva preservation system and guarantees uniform treatment among the documents viewed through SAP and those which are preserved.

European electronic invoicing 

Smart.Invoice for SAP can be integrated with the electronic invoice processes established in various European or non-European countries, guaranteeing a unique corporate instrument for all foreign branches.

Would you like to send and receive all electronic invoices by integrating them into your management system?