The document management process proposed by Archiva aims to channel into a single environment all the business information in order to simplify the search, sharing and consultation of documents without needing to have to undertake particular investments or acquire specific know-how. Document management also enables the design of business processes linked to the creation of procedures to approve documents.


  • Reduce the cost and time of managing documents.
  • Consult and make documents remotely available.
  • Share information among a number of users.
  • Increase the level of control and security for corporate data.
  • Nullify investment costs, transforming them into operating costs.
  • Transform the decision-making processes of companies in digital work flows.

Stages of the process

  • Indexing of documents.
  • Publication on the Requiro document platform.
  • Access through Login and Password.
  • Online search and consultation.
  • Monitoring of the progress of electronic invoices and EDI communications.
  • Execution of process work flow.

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