The digital preservation process offered by Archiva ensures that invoices and documents are kept securely and opposable to third parties over time, optimising, simplifying and reducing the costs of archiving. It therefore allows the customer to get rid of paper archives, but above all of the obligations and responsibility of keeping them for up to 10 years, as required by the Civil Code.

Electronic preservation goes digital

The D.P.C.M. of 3rd December 2013, published in the Official Gazette on 12th March 2014, introduced the new Technical Rules for the preservation of electronic documents which clearly and precisely outline the document preservation process. With the arrival of the new Technical Rules, the concept of “electronic preservation” is replaced by that of “digital preservation”.”.


Archiva, as an AgID Accredited Conservator, has aligned its process with the new Technical Rules on digital preservation (formerly substitute preservation) of IT documents and has adapted its organisation to meet all the requirements, including organisational, technical and financial reliability, needed to carry out the preservation activity.


The preservation system, according to the Technical Rules, identifies at least 3 key roles, namely the Producer, the User and the Preservation Manager.


The Responsible for Preservation is the central figure in the preservation system, i.e. the person who is legally obliged to preserve a given document, define and implement preservation system policies and govern its management with full responsibility and autonomy.


The Chief Preservation Officer is obliged to draw up the Manual of Preservation, which should detail the roles, responsibilities and obligations of the parties involved, the types of documents preserved, the operating model, the preservation process, the infrastructures used and more.


Preservation objects are developed in appropriate information packages depending on when they are produced and used. They are distinguished in: Submission Information Package,Archival Information Package and Distribution Package.


Preservation can be carried out internally by the producer of electronic documents to be preserved, or entrusted, in whole or in part, to other public or private entities offering suitable organisational and technological guarantees, including those accredited as conservators by AgID.


Archiva’s digital preservation process (formerly substitute preservation) is structured in such a way as to allow the Customer to delegate the entire digital preservation process, i.e. the Sumission Information Package, the Archival Information Package and the Distribution Package, and not, as is often the case, only part of it.


  • Full-outsourcing responsibility for the digital preservation process.
  • Eliminate the hard copy of documents.
  • Display of the original document also remotely (audit).
  • Reduce hard copy costs.
  • Reduce the operational activity by users dedicated to archiving.
  • Increase data security thanks to the latest technologies, in full compliance with the technical rules set out in the legislation on digital and electronic preservation.
  • Increase control over access to data and information.
  • Reduce archive control time.

Process steps

  • Execution of Archive Check Sets
  • Signature of the Distribution Package
  • Publication on the consultation system
  • Saving of information on server with WORM technology