archiviazione digitale


The digital document archiving process designed by Archiva aims to organise, identify and give controlled access to the contents of documents. It is at this stage that the Submission Information Package is produced, in accordance with the provisions of the new Technical Rules on the digital preservation of electronic documents, to be sent to the Preservation System.


  • Simplify administrative processes.
  • Share documents across multiple document platforms and ERP systems.
  • Access documents at any time, even on the move.
  • Improve control of business documents.
  • Reduce the costs of managing active and passive documents.

Process steps

  • Reception of the document flow.
  • Collection of paper documents from the customer.
  • Manual/automatic normalisation of received documents.
  • Indexing of documents.
  • Creation of the Payment Package.
  • Signature of the Deposit Report with digital, qualified or advanced signature.
  • Transfer of the Pour Package to the Storage Manager.