“Nasce un sorriso” (Raise a smile) is a non-profit organisation that raises funds for the care of young Indians of Gujarat (North India), suffering from polio.

Nasce un sorriso (Raise a smile)

The initiative stems from the encounter between Giuliano Marone, managing director and founder of Archiva, Franco Vinci, a lawyer from Verona, and Paolo Donati an environmental educator from the Romagna region who, since 1980, has dedicated himself to taking photographs of populations and exotic customs in countries from Africa to the Far East and who, since 2004, has been raising funds for the hospital of Dr. Madhu Rana, in Gujarat, to help young people affected by polio.


Thanks to the work of Dr. Madhu Rana and his staff, to date operations have been carried out on dozens of young Indians forced, by malformations caused by polio, to drag themselves on the ground or move on all fours pushing with elbows and knees.

Help us to “Nasce un sorriso” (Raise a smile)

The new non-profit organization is structured so it can benefit from the tax donation envisaged in the recent Italian Finance Act, which can be given by anyone, be it a body, company and/or individual.
If you want to contribute to this initiative simply sign the appropriate box on your tax return allocated to NGOs and indicate the tax code of the association: 93198320231.
Alternatively you can support the association with a tax-deductible donation by bank transfer to:

Account no. 11000024858
IBAN: IT75H0899524201011000024858
Banca di Credito Cooperativo Valmarecchia
In favour of: “Nasce un sorriso Onlus”

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