Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: everything you need to know not to be overwhelmed by change.

Digital Transformation Archiva Academy


Digital Transformation refers to a series of changes affecting people and processes through the integration of technology into all areas of business and society, with the aim of harnessing digital tools to improve the company.


These changes are technological, creative and managerial, but also cultural, social and organisational, impacting on all aspects of society.


The definition of ‘The Agile Elephant’ in particular provides a more precise view in this regard:
Digital transformation involves a change in leadership, a different way of thinking, new business models and an increased use of technology to improve the experience of employees, customers, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders in the organisation“.


Digital transformation is not just the effect of adopting new technologies but a strategy-driven process of improving business models and the way people work and live, offering new opportunities for growth and value generation.


In this section you will find a series of contents dedicated to digital transformation and new tools for businesses.